Saturday, June 20, 2009

Story of an Innocent Girl

There is one scenario. A group of three friends live in one island who is Abu, Ali and Akot. They are very close, kawan baik la katakan. Suddenly there is one girl that appears in their life, Ayu. Very interesting girl. Very sweet and smart.

Abu: a guy that is so cool, smart and matured. He just breaks with his girlfriend a month ago. He is so lonely.

Ali: A guy that is very romantic, sensitive and has a good heart. This guy has been engaged and will be married in six month from now. But, all of a sudden he feels that he is lonely because he always argued with his tunang.

Akot: A single guy that looking for the right girl to be his sweetheart.

This girl sgt menarik perhatian this three guy. So in their heart, dalam diam-diam, they decide to give a try at this girl. Manela tau Ayu ni layan plak kan.

1st incident: Abu start dulu. After 3 month they being friends, like a couple yg just start to like each other, Abu realize that he Ayu is not his type. He is not sincere with his feeling. He just so lonely and need someone to flirt. So, he decided to cooled down and leave this gal without telling anything to this girl.

2nd incident: Ali plak yg nk give a try. One night he confessed with the girl that he really admired her and like her. First time he saw Ayu, he really menyesal because he just engaged one month before he meet Ayu. So, now he wants Ayu to be his lover even though he has a fiancĂ©e. After one month they’re being lovers, Ayu left him. Ayu realize that she will be devastated one day...

3rd incident: Now it’s Akot’s turn. He confused with his feeling. He like Ayu or not. haha..So, he flirt around with Ayu…but, Ayu is not his type and not in his list. Not as pretty as he want..Not as fairer as he wants..huishhh….confused Akot ni..

Ayu: Aku sedih la…kenapa all this guy just want to take advantage to me???sekadar menghilangkan sunyi je..untuk menghibur je eh.. :’’(

Moral of the story, kalau dari mula lagi rasa perasaan tak stabil, kenapa hendak mempermainkan perasaan Ayu. Hargailah ape yang ade...Untuk Akot plak, jadilah seorang yang matang, jangan asyik nk flirt je…kesian Ayu. To Abu, Ali and Akot and everybody, jangan mengambil kesempatan dengan kebaikan seseorang.

'Basically we are all alone, Needing each other, one by one. Some people fill the loneliness with love, work and social life. In the relationship, people fill the loneliness with keep trying and trying. Attraction appears when you feel that the guy is handsome and the girl is pretty.But love is exist when two soul become one'

Perhatian: cerita ini tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia ataupun yang belum lahir lagi..Untuk pengajaran sahaja. Sekian terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

this seems happen to 1 of my fren..wish good luck for her on her way to find Mr right..Dont need to look for him. He will come to u in a rihgt time and place. Just wait

NabilahMazalan said... nana frenz, a long journey kan to find Mr right

MAMATO said...

one day i woke up, had breakfast, lunch, tea , dinner and lastly supper, and went back to sleep

Anonymous said...

ayu abu ali akot...smenye aku kenal(wlopn xde kne mngene ngn yg idup ato yg mati)..haha..semenye tgh cari soulmate mmasing...jodoh kan dah ditetapkan sejak azali...yg ptg berusaha...ciayok2

Amran said...

Kenapa takde amran dalam cerita ni ?

ainee said...

Kenapa tade amran dlm cerita ni?
jawapan: Sebab ayu, awal2 dah kena bunuh dengan ainee...muahahahaha!

NabilahMazalan said...

tau xpe...jgn nk menggedik eh abg amran...wakaka